What Darling Collection has brought to our quaint town

Our second week into the Darling Collection and already music, theatre, dance and visual arts are being created by the students. The students meeting up with their assigned object owner got to experience the story first-hand, both being nervous about the other, yet still connecting.

Darling resident Angelique Rosant writes – “Darling’s community has been through events to bring our community closer together, but something as unique as telling a personal story on a deeper level than just a summary revised through laughter and tears is what Darling Collection has brought to our quaint town. The students work hard to create a work or display of art to portray or tell the story. Darling was open to this new idea; some were ready to share their stories and allow others to learn from them or get a positive message through to their neighbours, eventually the whole of Darling. Altogether we’ve had 115 people who were eager not just to share a story connected to an object but also their unknown talents to be a part of the Darling Collection performing experience.

The railway can be a border between our community, but it doesn’t stop all of us to go ahead and cross that border without fear. Everyone being afraid of negative stories they’ve heard instead of knowing the whole truth. Now, with the Darling Collection people hear the actual stories and see it being used positively instead of negatively. The students in the past years have changed so many negative’s – one story at a time.

We’ve had positive feedback from people who go up on stage and become more confident with themselves, and some of them now take part in our project dARTling.

The dARTling project is a 10-week-long artistic adventure for the people and children in Darling! Laura Jonkers was one of our first-year students who was a part of the workshops and wanted to take it further. With lots of thinking and planning Jan and Laura came up with dARTling, which allows local talents to master their talent and be able to teach the children as well.

Often people ask us why dARTling and the best was what Laura says in interview: “That people don’t need us in the end. That they have confidence and know how to organise performance and workshops, how to gain knowledge via internet. That they know people from Darling who want to participate as well and they work together as a team, instead of alone, like a community. This year is still to develop more of their talent and hopefully in the years to come and we have funding we can continue working on different styles and playing new instruments.”

Read the interview: https://tdc2018.wordpress.com/2018/03/08/laura-and-laura-dartling/

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