Healing the World through Art, Music and Dance

As a newcomer to Darling, I was interested to hear about the Fontys students from the Netherlands who are going into their third year, bringing their creative talents to the Darling community.  So when I heard of the “Heal the World” compilation of music, dance and theatre performance on Wednesday evening, I was eager to attend the church hall and witness the performance.

I am so pleased that I did as it was a thoroughly delightful evening.  Wow – Darling really does have talent!  I believe this show was put on after only 2 weeks, so well done to all concerned.

heal the world

I believe that art in all its forms provides a platform for presenting the different aspects of community life and often provokes reflection and promotes understanding and tolerance.  It also raises an opportunity for people to develop their inherent talents and their levels of confidence.  It is a wonderful way to bring people of different cultures together to showcase their skills and have fun at the same time.  I think this show demonstrated all of this.

Apparently, the artists in this show will go on to teach their disciplines to the youth in Darling – an empowering initiative.  With the new students from Fontys arriving, I can’t wait to see the festival of talent awaiting us towards the end of April.

By guest author Merridy Edgson.

Ed: Thank you very much Merridy for sharing this with us.

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