Good news from Darling, the Voorkamerfest is back

Voorkamerfest organisers are pleased as punch to announce: Good news and BETTER news from Darling, darling!

We’ve been through two years of waiting for the Voorkamerfest to re-emerge.  And nearly eight years for a former president to become former!

He is gone at last, and the Voorkamerfest is BACK with a passion and renewed energy to enchant and delight the lucky ones who manage to get a ticket.

Voorkamerfest is usually sold-out every year, so prepare yourself for the weekend-comeback of your life: Friday 31 August, Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 September.


The festival format remains the same – Friday one timeslot of 7 routes (21 shows), Saturday 2 timeslots (morning & afternoon) and Sunday one timeslot (morning) as well as the open-air performance for the community in Darling East.

More information will soon be available on our website and social media – so for now, ink it on your calendar and book your accommodation as soon as you can! Darling Tourism at


Info: 072 573 7937 Tasha /

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