The Darling Collection is ready for its third year!

The eight students from Fontys University of Fine and Performing Arts have already been selected and are eager to travel to Darling and get working. Meanwhile the four assistants are walking the streets collecting the valuable objects’ stories from forty of our residents. This year we look forward to more youth involved and community impression on the event.


Upon arrival each student is given five stories to work on through the period of six weeks ending with a weekend art festival. They communicate to the audience through visual art, music, dance and theatre. The object owners or members of our community sometimes participate with students which makes every performance unique and true, therefore, being in the audience is the best (or on stage). We’ve had positive feedback from people who go up on stage and become more of themselves.

The festival takes place on the weekend from the 20th – 22nd April. There will be food and craft stalls for people to refresh and enjoy themselves.

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Darling Collection

The dARTling project is a 10-week-long artistic adventure for the people and children in Darling! Firstly, experts (local artists in the disciplines of dance, music, theatre and/or the visual arts) will show us their talent in a performance on March 14. After that, those inspiring artists become teachers as they give workshops to the children of Darling. Together with the children, they are working on a performance which will be shown on the closing festival weekend of the Darling Collection (April 20-22).

Dartling poster


Introducing the students

Dartling group

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