Adam Tas unplugged at Evita se Perron

Adam Tas had the audience eating out of his hand within the first half of his first song. Great personality to complement his voice and guitar skills.

He interspersed his act with stories about his life and family. He mentioned that his mother’s idea of heaven was a shoe sale. He also mentioned that it was his mother who taught and encouraged him to play the guitar; she deserves a round of applause.

He stopped us all in our tracks when he threw in a great one-liner about Darling, “I’ve heard that Darling is a place with a lot of drinking, and a farming problem?

OK, it’s time for the excuse, “Ek is Ierse en kan nie Afrikaans praat nie, maar ek het die show geniet. Goeie musiek”. I was lucky enough to be seated between Pat and Bobby Beckman of Disa Lodge and they fed me the info. I didn’t understand.

(Ireland is a good example of the unifying affect of music, the nearest thing to a unified national anthem is ‘Ireland’s Call’, written by Phil Coulter for a rugby world cup to welcome players from Northern and Southern Ireland, and it works. Listen to the crowd at an Irish international to feel the emotion.)


Pictures courtesy of Stefan Hurter.


Adam sang many Afrikaans songs and I enjoyed them, the musicality and the skill. Music and language join together well and speak their own language; one doesn’t have to be fluent in Italian or German to enjoy Opera.

Adam Tas mixed his music very effectively, rip roaring aggressive guitar and strong voice interspersed with quiet reflective songs. Very talented musician.

We were treated to an eclectic mix of songs including “I am”, “I see a bad moon rising”, “The Gambler”, “The house of the rising sun” and more favourites.  A tongue in cheek rendition of “Have you seen the rain” in the worst drought ever, good irony Mr.Tas.

I’m looking forward to the return of Adam Tas to Evita se Perron.

I will be asking Pat Beckman to add her thoughts.

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