Darling Intercultural Space meets St. Valentine’s Day

Architecture and Urban Design students from Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts and Cape Peninsula University of Technology arrived in Darling a few days ago to continue the project which started in October.

The goal of this project is to create a space for Darling community that is safe, inviting and for people to connect. The development project lasts only for a week and in this week they put heads together with their teachers, Marc Glaudemans, Monica di Ruvo and Tasleema Mohamed. The project area is located at the Vlei where most of Darling’s community pass by under the trees following the pathway home or to work.

One of the options being researched is the possibility of a stage for cultural activities. We know Darling has many artistic and musical talents therefore we would like to give them a chance to come and showcase their talents and connect through them. Many events in Darling bring people together and this is not just “another” attempt, rather an opportunity for us to make the effort of meeting each other halfway.

On Wednesday 14th February from 19:00 till 21:00 we are inviting EVERYONE to come and join us for a Musical Tryout. It is St.Valentine’s day, a day of love.

Bring your instruments and dance shoes to sing and dance for your Darling because it is very important that a stage like this meets the needs of the Darling inhabitants. During this event you will also meet the students who need your input to know how to make the Vlei a halfway stop for EVERYONE.

Let’s have a wonderful Wednesday evening together!

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