Water crisis – at Yzerfontein beach I noticed water all the way to Rio

Communications breakdown: Does anyone know what’s going on with Cape Town’s water crisis?

Hilton Tarranton, Mediaonline.co.za. writes – “As Cape Town hurtles towards #DayZero, millions are at a loss on the details. How and where will they will collect water? How will the sewerage situation be managed? Will schools close? What about matric students? Why haven’t many Capetonians changed their behaviour? So many questions, and very few answers….”

“Why has there not been a weekly crisis meeting with senior involvement from the 100 largest businesses in Cape Town? And if the city had let the crisis get away from them as they so clearly have, why have the top employers in the metro not taken it upon themselves to lead an initiative such as this?…”

For the full article please read on at theMediaonline >>


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