Evita se Perron Scheduled Events Calendar for 2018

Ilsa Swanepoel and the Staff at Evita se Perron have been spending much time and effort filling up the 2018 calendar of events with a variety of acts for the Theatre.

Whilst it is an ongoing work in progress, the detailed calendar is published on the Theatre website at www.evita.co.za. It is possible that the occasional change may be necessary from time to time, but such changes are always very carefully considered and will be reflected on the calendar as soon as possible after the decision. The important point is that The Schedule is Published in the Public Domain; residents and tourists can make plans.

Scheduled events lists/calendar include –

There is the potential for overlap within a tourism community and tourism service providers work hard to try to accommodate the needs of everyone. Calendars make the process possible.

Since Pieter-Dirk Uys opened the doors of the Perron, it has been host to thousands of live performances. The entertainment diversity offers opportunities to service suppliers providing bed nights, meals, exotic foods, wines, beers, cheeses and  those activities that encourage tourists to visit Darling.

How’s this for entertainment diversity? As the 2018 schedule stands right now Evita se Perron has scheduled approximately 35 performances by visiting Comedians, 20 performance by visiting Musicians and 100 performances by Pieter-Dirk Uys and Evita Bezuidenhout. Impressive.

The varied musical performances range from piano, to Brel, to rock, to folk, to opera, to jazz and more. Surely something for everyone.

On the comedy front the fare ranges from the exceptional talent of Conrad Koch and his alter ego Chester Missing through stand up comedy and beyond to classical satire, surely the most difficult form of the performing arts.

It is likely that Tourists need to plan ahead and they appreciate long term calendar information to help them make their touring decisions. They are probably less likely to visit communities that are not on the top of their game.

Thank you Ilsa for organising so much at Evita se Perron for the enjoyment of residents and visitors alike.

Evita se Perron exterior

20 years ago Pieter-Dirk Uys saw a rundown old railway station building and had a vision. We are the beneficiaries of that vision.

old station

It is a privilege to be a resident of this community.

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