Comedians visiting Evita se Perron

Evita se Perron, the home of Evita Bezuidenhout and Pieter-Dirk Uys, is hosting a galaxy of South Africa’s most talented Comedians in the next few months. Make a note in your diary.

Keep in touch with the Evita se Perron website for the Upcoming Events to include in your diary. It’s very rare but sometimes there are changes to the schedule.

You might want to sign up for the monthly newsletter to be published by Evita se Perron – the ‘Bapetikosweti Basuin’.


As you may remember Evita Bezuidenhout was formerly the South African ambassador to the independent homeland of Bapetikosweti, for a comprehensive review visit the Daily Maverick.

Where do you live? In Darling, Swartland or just down the road in Cape Town ? Evita se Perron is right on your doorstep, closer than you think – visit Q&A.

The visiting comedians include –

  • Conrad Koch – the Puppet Guy and his pal Chester Missing
  • Mark Banks – “Stark Raving Mark”
  • John Vlismas “The Good Racist”
  • Deep Fried Man – “In Good Taste”
  • Alfred Adriaan – “Dating Live”
  • Liz Meiring – details coming
  • Barry Hilton – details coming
  • Melt Sieberhagen – details coming

Visit for the full events lists.

Evita se Perron comedians

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