From Robin Clay at the Northern Rhodesia Journal

Timothy Bull wrote to Robin Clay, author of the Northern Rhodesia Journal – “as a youngster I lived in Lusaka almost all of the period 1958 – 1973.”

Tim sails to Southern AfricaTimothy Bull continued– “My parents, who have passed away, lived in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia 1947 – 1973.  I am planning to write a book about my father and those like him, working class Brits who went to Africa after WW2 and lived through a time of great change, leading to and through the coming of independence (and eventual return to their home country). If you relate personally to this experience, or have friends or family who do, I would very much like to get in touch. I believe it is a story that hasn’t been properly told – here in Britain ‘old colonials’ are sometimes mis-represented as upper class hell-raisers (the ‘Happy Valley’ set) or Rider Haggard style big gamehunters. My Mum and Dad were neither of those things, they were ordinary people who left bankrupt post-war Britain in the hope of a better life, unaware that they would be the last generation of Europeans in colonial Africa.

Finally, my thanks to you for the hard work that must have gone in to the website for the Northern Rhodesia Journal –

Hope you can help.” Tim.

Timothy Bull has provided three ways for you to get your information to him, a Word document a PDF and an online link. The 2 forms (Word and PDF) are attached and the online ink is –  Timothy writes in the preamble to his information questionnaires to anyone of us who knows of, lived through or relates to the time of the project he has embarked on.

Timothy – “Thank you for agreeing to provide me with information to support the research for my book. Without your help I would be unable to write a faithful account of the lives of people like my father who travelled from Britain to Central Africa in the mid-twentieth century and became, unwittingly, historical footnotes as the last generation of colonial settlers.

Please feel free to include as much or as little information as you wish. If you want to remain anonymous, please indicate so. I should make it clear, to avoid any doubt, that anything you include may find its way into the book. If so, I promise to give you full acknowledgement as the source, and obviously I will make every effort to reflect your story faithfully and accurately without distortion or embellishment. I am not writing a piece of fiction.

As for the practicalities, please take the most convenient option for returning the questionnaire to me:

  • Complete in MS Word or similar and return to me as an email attachment; or
  • Print the pages, fill in by hand, then scan and return as an email attachment OR post it to me at the address below; or
  • If you would prefer to simply fill in an on-line questionnaire please use this link –

You can contact me any time via Facebook PM, phone, SMS, email, or post.

I am passionate about the project and I very much look forward to hearing about the part your family played in this unique period of history.

With my best wishes”, Timothy

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