Our Darling Village

“Oh, my!,” the cry sent up by family
“Whatever, in Darling do you see”?
This, after our proposal to put down roots
Far from streets of town with all its hoots!

Author: Maggie Fowle

Hence, one morn, together with chattels,
We wended our way towards the cattle(s),
Sheep, wine and flora of Darling fame
To re-organize our life and start again.
We put up our feet and looked around
And realized what beauty surrounds
This little dorp, Darling, with flora bright,
The bird life, the owls that hoot at night,
Starry scenes viewed clearly in the sky
As with no town pollution they never must vie.

Now Darling allows no-one to sit with hands idle
For long, ‘fore someone attempts to sidle
Up close, to enquire of one’s interests
And talents one has for use on request.
Thus just as one thinks to sink into the sofa
To relish the day whilst sipping a ‘cuppa’,
A tap on one’s shoulder and a word in one’s ear
Wakes one up to the knowledge “oh, there are folks here
Who willingly will guide one to all Darling offers
And no doubt request help in all that it proffers.”
“The flower show, church bazaar, museum functions too,
Capensis, SPCA, all require you
Committees and choirs, there are a few,
Always so grateful of members anew”!

Thence, when you have time to relax and to view
The wonders of nature Darling offers to you,
With arums a’plenty when springtime’s our way,
And vygies, daisies, blue flax as they sway
Oxalis, chinks, ixias, geissorhizas too
All taking their turn for the world to view,
You realize why this dorpie’s so rare,
With all of its treasures its ready to share.
So, what in the world in Darling do we see?
Why the whole beauty of earth is evident to me.

(And its people like you who make Darling bright,
With your generous input of help one just might
Require at any time of the year –
When we know that you will always be near)

Author: Maggie Fowle

Maggie helps out at the Darling Museum and is an enthusiastic Capensis member.

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  • November 30, 2017 at 13:53

    Lovely, well written.


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