Our Darling Affair

Moving to the country and a smaller town was always on our agenda.  Both my husband and I grew up on farms and village life held a special appeal for us.  Darling, however, was not on our plan.

Guest author Merridy Edgson.

We spent many weekends in the Robertson Valley and in the Klein Karoo, and we thought that one of those towns would be our destination.

One day, my daughter sent us a picture of a house for sale in Darling which looked very appealing and we thought – why not Darling? And we decided to check it out.

We were amazed at the quality of service and the friendliness of all those we dealt with, from the agent, to the staff at the restaurants to the friendly banter between Darling residents.  As we explored the residential areas, we noticed how pretty the area was.

Once our house was sold and we were ready to move, we looked at many other places, but we kept coming back to Darling.  It was as if we were drawn to this place.  There was a sense of belonging and peace each time we visited.

With the help of our wonderful, friendly, informative and hard-working agent, we found our new home in Prospect Street.  Our neighbour from across the road welcomed us with a bottle of champers the day we arrived – what an extraordinary act of kindness and generosity.

Darling dogs
2 happy Darling residents rootling through the long grass

After 6 weeks in our new home we are extremely grateful for the following:

  • We are able to walk anywhere in the village and only have to use our cars when travelling outside the Village
  • Everywhere we go, we are greeted by friendly people – from staff at all the outlets we visit to the people we meet and the neighbours who wave.
  • We can walk our dogs along country roads and in the streets without fear of fast moving vehicles and the sound of traffic.
  • When we visit our family or friends in Cape Town, we are only 1 hour away from wherever we need to go. And the drive is peaceful with  little traffic
  • The WhatsApp group which accepted me and introduced me to service providers and contacts for hobbies and information – and lots more friendly banter!

Thank you, Darling, for this wonderful and relaxing life you have given us.  I hope we will have the opportunity to add value to this community in return.

Thank you very much Merridy, and welcome.

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