“I couldn’t live without my Moulinex Potato Ricer”.

Pretty old, but you can pick up second hand Moulinex Potato ricers – try e-Bay. There are probably more modern versions. Who needs plastic modern when there is trusted past.

This old classic works so well I even had it repaired when the handle finally broke off. Metal handle to metal device. Solution ? Weld the handle back on. You’ve gotta love an old faithful piece of equipment a lot to go to this trouble to make it better…

Extract from Los Angeles Times 21st January 1991.

“Inventor of Potato Masher Dies

PARIS — French industrialist Jean Mantelet, who vowed to free women from cooking chores and built an industrial giant on a potato masher, has died a month after retiring, his Moulinex company said today.

Mantelet, known in France as “Monsieur Moulinex,” died at his Paris home Saturday. He was 90.

Mantelet became famous overnight in France 58 years ago when he invented a machine to help his wife mash potatoes easily.

The masher was an instant hit with housewives and Mantelet went on to found Moulinex, one of the world’s most successful household appliance companies.

It coined the slogan “Moulinex frees women” and launched a range of electrical appliances to grind, chop, mince and slice, and later produced hair-dryers and vacuum cleaners.”

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