Borehole Registration and Water Usage

Currently Swartland is treating boreholes and well points as per the current legislation. Borehole water is not an unlimited resource.

Response from Swartland Municipality to my question about the registration of boreholes and well points:

“Current legislation automatically grants individuals water use rights from boreholes and wells where the water use is limited to household use and a few head of animals.  Only when such water is utilised for commercial activities or commercial agriculture does it need to be licensed with the Department of Water and Sanitation.

However, we are asking the public to note their boreholes with us so that we can get a sense of how many households are in a way self-reliant and may be able to help other households in the event of a total water supply disruption.

We are also cautioning borehole owners to use the water as carefully as they would municipal water.

underground water

Underground water is a limited resource. ”

Ed: underground water is a limited resource owned by all and tapped by some.

“Careless use of borehole water may lead to DWS putting a restriction on the Schedule I water use as explained above, in order to protect the resource.

Kind regards”

Esmari Steenkamp, Civil Engineering Services, Swartland Municipality

Thank you to Swartland Municipality for this response.

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