Let the media and business crassly commercialise Christmas!

[OPINION] It is entirely predictable that in the weeks following Christmas every year, conservative Christians complain about the crass commercialisation of Christmas by the media and big business. This year will be no different.

By Chris Moerdyk.

“There will be howls of anguish at the way Christmas has been turned from a holy day into a profit-motivated holiday.

Conservative Christians will shake their heads in despair at the sight of all those non-Christian shopkeepers decking their stores with holly, mistletoe and fake snow and exhorting their customers to celebrate the birth of Christ by handing out soap-on-a-rope and saucy underwear to their loved ones.

All those people, who have never seen the inside of a church, rushing around for weeks before Christmas spending absolute fortunes on lavish gifts and slavish self-indulgence.”

For the full article by Chris Moerdyk at Mediaonline >>

Featured image: Creative Commons Zero (CCO) license.

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