Cape West Coast Bucket List

Did you see and enjoy the movie ‘The Bucket List’ with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman ? Two guys, terminally ill, who decide to embark on an adventure together to do the things they had dreamed of during their lives. Things they had not made time for.

After 4 years in Darling on the Cape West Coast my bucket list has completely changed.

And so to dream, the wish list of things to do before kicking the bucket. The bucket list concept has captured our imagination and increasing numbers of people are drawing up their own personal Bucket Lists.

bucket list

My bucket list, in no particular order -

  1. Kite surf at Langebaan, with a qualified life guard monitoring the time I spend under water
  2. Slack pack Cederberg
  3. Spend the week-end in Wuppertal, drinking Rooibos, buying a pair of handmade Red vellies and enjoying the Die Nuwe Graskoue Trappers Riel Dancers
  4. Jog the 16 mile beach with a Cardiac specialist
  5. Learn about the pastoral farmer Koi and the hunter-gatherer San - source
  6. Travel the old road North in a comfortable car, at a sedate pace, with air conditioning and GPS
  7. Zip line Cape West Coast style
  8. Visit the Cape West Coast Museums, all of them, maybe stay over
  9. Visit the Cape West Coast Markets, all of them, maybe stay over
  10. Put in a bore hole, install solar & Go off grid

If you don’t already have a bucket list – start one, it’s fun.

Use the contact form below to send your bucket list to us to publish, anonymously if you like, on the Dorpskoerant.

What's on your bucket list ?

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Peter Hall

Peter Hall – born in Belfast (N.Ireland). Supports the Blitzbokke and Sheffield Wednesday (who?). Part-time blogger or geek, part-time scribbler, reluctant part-time gout sufferer and occasional curmudgeon. Proud father of talented daughter (triathlete) and son (musician) who live in Australia.

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