Etiquette; don’t drink and blog

Light hearted observations about blog etiquette. Posting your comments to a post on a blog adds to the value of the blog.

On a blog pretty well anything goes, within the bounds of decency and sobriety. A blog is a great place to swap information. Bloggers post on subjects based on their knowledge or research. Readers with other knowledge or information add to the debate whilst others ask questions and so it goes. The debate broadens.

The right to free speech is enshrined (for the moment) in our Constitution, the right to be offensive, racist, vulgar and bigoted is not. Alcohol and blogging make poor bed-fellows and can lead to lack of respect, back pedaling, apologising. “Ooops, sorry, I didn’t mean to post that”

Is it OK to post a comment as ‘Anonymous’ on a blog ? Probably not. Some people become very courageous (some downright vulgar) behind their computer screens, particularly when they post as ‘Anonymous’ and, maybe, with a couple of drinks on board. Using your real name is both safe and respectful. We are not going to disclose your details – see our privacy policy.

Please keep the comment applicable to the post, and please don’t try to use the blog to advertise your new whiz-ding gizmo, when it is inappropriate. It is OK to offer a specific response which suggests a solution involving your product if a blogger has asked for help on a subject. E.g. “I’m having problems in the rainy season with an infestation of ants, what should I do?” An OK response could be “have you tried using a CD of anti-ant music; I have recently recorded one and I can offer you a copy if you wish. It works very well for the majority of ants, as research shows that less than 1% of ants are tone deaf”. An inappropriate response would be “Move to Namibia, and use our removal service ‘We will take you for a ride Removals Inc.’, our very competitive rates are available at”

Please use the Leave a Reply box below each post to add your comment.

For a lighthearted ‘tongue in cheek’ Comment Policy suggested by a COF masquerading as a Curmudgeon, here’s an alternative view from Don. 

Peter Hall

Peter Hall – born in Belfast (N.Ireland). Supports the Blitzbokke and Sheffield Wednesday (who?). Part-time blogger or geek, part-time scribbler, reluctant part-time gout sufferer and occasional curmudgeon. Proud father of talented daughter (triathlete) and son (musician) who live in Australia.

One thought on “Etiquette; don’t drink and blog

  • October 24, 2017 at 21:38

    Agreed – too much wine bends the keyboard.


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