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Frequently Asked Questions aka FAQ. If there are any other questions you would like answers for please contact us.

Is there a regular newsletter ?
Yup, it goes out every Wednesday, in the morning. If you would like an event to be included please get it to me by afternoon Tuesday. To receive the newsletter just Add your address to the newsletter subscriber list.

Do you encourage Guest Authors to post articles ?
Yes indeed. Guest authors are very welcome, the Dorpskoerant would die without you. If you would like to post on the Dorpskoerant and you have an online presence (, website, Facebook) and would like to have the link included in your bio please let us know what link to include.

Can I submit an Event or Poster as a PDF or JPG ?
Yes you can. To ensure Poster accuracy please use a JPEG which we will publish as submitted without any modification.

How far to Darling ?
distance to darling

Can I write a Letter to the Editor for publishing ?
Sure you can – please use the Contact form to send in your letter. Please read the etiquette suggestions.

Who is responsible for the accuracy of Directory listings.
The advertiser/business owner is responsible for accuracy. We will check when and if we can and we would ask if anyone notices an error or errors that you contact me at 022.492.2009 or email

Can I add my own comments to an article or blog post?
Please do. Interaction is meat and drink to websites. Use the reply section at the bottom of the pages to add your comment, then hit the blue button labelled “SUBMIT”. Post your comment.

Why do you request a real name on comments?
To promote a culture of trust and appropriate etiquette in our community interactions.

Will comments be moderated?
All interaction is subject to moderation.

Who is responsible for moderation?
The Editor is responsible for moderation.

What are the rules for commenting ?
There is a Basic Etiquette which should encourage web trolls to go somewhere else. Please also note our Privacy Policy.

Contact us if you have any questions, not covered here ?
Please use the Contact Form to start the conversation. Our thanks for your interest.

What is a RASKI ?
Variously described as Recycled Teenagers by a perceptive game ranger, as Silver Surfers by the Weberati and as Mom and Dad by our kids; RASKIs enjoy travel, good books, great music, excellent food, loyal pets, very good wine and much more. Occasionally curmudgeonly, we enjoy life and we are fun to be with.

Many of us work part-time because we enjoy it and because we are far too active to consider stopping. And there’s a bonus, it tops up our pensions.

Have a look at the RASKI network of energetic retirees who want to get back into the job market or to extend their time in the job market.

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