Sapiens, a brief history of humankind.

The author, Yuval Noah Harari, manages to condense 100,000 years into just under 500 pages.

I’ve just started reading this book, about 25% in. The book is full of likelihoods and possibilities. The author traces our journey through the Cognitive, Agricultural and Scientific Revolutions. The activities and developments that have brought us from self-sufficient hunter gatherers to the reliant nuclear family involved in boring repetitive jobs, artificially engineered sport, far too many toys and a mountain of throw away non bio degradables.

Back then Sapiens owned only what he could carry on his back.

He could have a braai with pals and not have to spend 3 hours washing dishes, packing away the pots and pans and the wine glasses, the water glasses and the beer glasses, the liqueur glasses and the Irish coffee glasses; not to mention the umpty-nine pieces of cutlery. Did I forget the fripperies of table linen ?

The author throws in the question, what will a future archaeologist think when he/she finds nothing of our literature and every day activities because it was all moved around electronically ?

Sapiens is the bloke on the right.

But take heart, nothing really changes. Back then, Sapien’s best friend was a dog. The wild dog quickly learned how to manipulate sapiens. Nothing really changes.

An absorbing read, but I’m only about 20% through the book so I’m barely scratching the surface. I’ll tell you more when I finally finish.

Have you read the book ? What did you think ?

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Peter Hall

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