Parrots Philbert and Gulliver relocate to the Caribbean

Twins Meg and Peg have relocated to Barbados in the beautiful West Indies with their well known parrots Philbert and Gulliver.

Goods news for culture vultures. Meg and Peg who hail from the damp and cold hinterland of England have decided that sunshine and clear blue sea is what they need to enjoy their retirement. They have set up home on the magnificent island of Barbados. Their niece Pen (Penelope) visited her beloved Aunts to see how they are, and how their parrots have settled in to their new home and lifestyle. While she was there they checked out the latest cultural endeavours of their famous parrots, Philbert and Gulliver. They reminisced about the award winning production of the “The parrots of Pen’s aunts”, starring Philbert and Gulliver, at the local village fair in soggy England.

Rumour has it that the twins new watering hole has quickly become a popular meeting place for residents and island visitors alike. The parrots are learning to speak fluent Bajan and will be entertaining guests with their impressions, their musical abilities and their general bonhomie towards all. In spite of the temptation to let their feathers down and party, Philbert and Gulliver only drink government juice (water).

A  big issue for Meg and Peg was naming their new venture. After drinking Vat 19 Rum and Coke with their Focus group and bandying names about they finally agreed on Meg’s suggestion.


Meg had spent a wonderful, if mildly illicit, week-end with the editor of the Banff Bugle in the Canadian Rockies many years ago when she was still a reporter for the Times. She was in Canada to write about the success of the country’s bi-lingual policy. She was researching the possibility of England adopting a dual language policy to include English and Geordie. (When a Geordie says  “He’s geet canny as oot” would visitors know instinctively that he means He’s a really nice person” ? Should it be taught in schools? Should it be an “O” level subject ? If Britain trashes Brexit should it be included on the lengthy list of EU languages ?)

Vat 19 RumAfter that long winded diversion to Banff, back to the naming ceremony. Remembering the magnificence of Caribou horns she suggested that they be a little obtuse with their new name. What could be further removed from a snowy Canadian Rockies National Park than a sunny Caribbean Island.

So with considerable pomp and with the Canadian High Commissioner to Barbados and two esteemed visitors from St.Vincent in attendance the bar was christened the ‘Caribou Inn’. Much more Carib lager and Vat 19 Rum from Trinidad was consumed to seal the deal.

Philbert and Gulliver have become a very popular feature at their new home. It was not long before they became known as the “Parrots of the Caribou Inn”. Cruise ships included “Parrots of the Caribou Inn” on their daily excursion agendas.

And visitors come in search of a quirky actor…

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