Lies, lies, lies yeah: News media the last bulwark

[OPINION] We live in a world of lies, deceit, frenetic spin doctoring and generally speaking, the majority of consumers the world over don’t really care… lies, lies, lies

Chris Moerdyk writes on the MediaOnline website – “On the basis that good marketing is based on the premise of what the consumer wants to hear rather than what companies and politicians want to say, it would probably be logical for the world’s mass media to assume that the public does not want the truth but rather something that simply confirms their prejudices.

This week, US president Donald Trump insisted, seven times in all, that the reason a senate vote failed was because “a senator was in hospital”. No senator was in hospital but America didn’t seem to care.

So far this year, 273 innocent Americans have died in mass shootings, the worst being the Las Vegas massacre this week. Millions of people the world over turned to social media to offer the usual ‘thoughts and prayers’ and then moved on to their futile efforts to keep up with the Kardashians or some other escapist trivia…”

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