Parrots at the Village Fair

The Village Fair is an annual event and attracts visitors from far and wide. Twins Meg and Peg have a plan for this years event. Their niece Pen (short for Penelope) is visiting.

“Hi Pen”, they chorused as she walked into their drawing room.

She loved visiting her twin aunts, Meg and Peg; they were madly eccentric.

They had never married; far too independent and progressive for their multifarious lovers.

Meg had stood for parliament while she was at Oxford university (reading Philosophy, Politics and Economics), but lost her deposit, and, it was rumoured, her virginity, to the local squire.

She wore a patch over her left eye, the legacy of a Bosnian sniper when she was a war correspondent for The Times.

Peg mangled her leg in a riding mishap and clumped around on an artificial leg. She had been christened Julia, but after the accident she adopted the name Peg.

They ran a very successful travel company called Pirates Inc. specialising in Caribbean Tours.

the parrotsThey kept two garrulous parrots, an African Grey called Gulliver and a Norwegian Blue called Philbert.

“Don’t they sing well?” Meg & Peg asked as they trilled away.

Pen winced as the birds stretched for the high notes.

The Norwegian Blue suddenly chipped in with “don’t put your daughter on the stage Mrs. Worthington”.

“Voetsek”, screeched the African Grey.

“Are you going to the village fair this year?” Pen asked.

They were favourites amongst the locals; they always set up a stall that was very popular as it was always totally OTT.

“Of course”, said Meg, “we’ve decided to enrich the culture of the village”.

“We’ve spent months training the birds”, said Peg.

“What is it about”, asked Pen.

“Should we tell?” Meg twinkled. Peg chuckled.

“Oh go on “, said Pen, “don’t be spoilsports”.

“OK, are you sure you are ready for this?” they asked.

“Don’t keep me in suspense”, said Pen.

Bursting into gales of laughter they said “We’re putting on a short operetta called ‘The Parrots of Pen’s Aunts’ by Philbert and Gulliver”.

It is unlikely that the D’Oyly Carte Opera Company would have sanctioned this performance.

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Peter Hall

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