Reggie Brown PI passes the baton

Reggie decided one day, as he sat contentedly sucking on his battered old Meerschaum, that he needed a strong young assistant to help him tackle the big cases.

He felt, as he grew older, he might not be able to protect his dearest Rebecca when she came along to crime scenes. He would miss her meticulous sniffing, rootling, head cocked to the side for any sound, sure footedness and eager attention.

“Now where’s that little devil Rupert disappeared to while we are on Call-Out duty. Exploring no doubt”
“Look Reggie, I’ve found it” cried Rupert with delight, proud to have recovered his fake Mandarin Moustache. “But it wasn’t lost” replied Reggie
On guard
Reggie and Rebecca covering 360 degrees, on guard.

Now that business was picking up he needed me (Rebecca) in the office, fielding the calls, taking the new cases, arranging appointments and interviews and chasing City Hall when the city administrators were being intransigent, which was quite often. He often commented on his good fortune that not only was I a bright and efficient PA, but that we had decided to share our lives together. We became inseparable striking fear in the hearts of the ne’er-do-wells.

We were both fond of ‘Her Indoors’ and ‘Himself’ but we found them a bit too simple for Reggie’s nimble mind, although I found them to be reliable and charming. My love of fine food and tasty morsels endeared ‘Her indoors’ to her. ‘Her indoors’ cooked and served just the right kind of food for us both to keep us at peak health; fit, alert and athletic. Well almost athletic, Reggie and I had begun to spread a little around the waist over the years. Haven’t we all ?

Beccie picks up the story

In Reggie’s own words –

“And so began the selection process. I had thought about putting out a tender but couldn’t face the red tape. I considered approaching a labour broker but quashed that idea when I was advised by my Lawyer ‘Hello Trev’ that using a labour broker would jeopardise my chances for Government business.

Quelle horreur, what to do. As so often happens in life the solution popped up out of the blue one day when ‘Himself’ returned from the shops with a copy of the local newspaper and there was Reggie’s future partner in the jobs column. Neither of us knew it at the time, but with some wheedling, subtle pawing at the newspaper and the use of my very expressive eyes I got my will. The possible newbie lived in Mpumalanga. Luckily ‘Her indoors’ had a cell phone as ‘himself’ hates the things. So she put in a call, and by return, showed me a picture of my possible side-kick. He looked cheeky, strong and chirpy, surely the right characteristics for such a demanding career. Wagging my tail frantically ‘Her Indoors’ got the hint, phoned Mpumalanga and the rest is history.

Rupert arrived from Durban one day. Very circuitous route. By car from Mpumalanga to Durban, transfer to his new Aunt Athalie who introduced him to tea and immediately became his absolute favourite Aunt. It turned out that Athalie and ‘Her Indoors’ are sisters, so the transfer was quick and cuddly and the long trek from Durban to KZN Midlands began, back to where we lived at  a quaint place called Cooking Bear. Brilliant garden for exploring, for adventures galore and for PI Agency stuff. But more of that later.

Well need I say any more, one look and I knew this was my man. Sleek of body, muscular, very handsome, much like myself, we were going to be the perfect team.  A team to strike fear into the hearts of the wrong doers.

Rupert grew quickly and turned out to be a little taller than myself, but no matter, he was definitely of strong German stock, a fine Weiner to help carry the Agency forward.

He often sat at my feet while I told him tales of derring do (actions requiring heroic courage, of which there were many), cases to be proud of. Cases that involved sharp detection skills, empathy with the victims and total discretion.

Soon he came out to interrogations and crime scenes with me. He was a quick learner, altogether a fine young fellow. ‘Her indoors” took to a shine to him immediately and Rebecca found him a jolly fine addition to the Agency.

We formed a formidable partnership.

As you may have gathered, this memoir was recorded by me (Rebecca) after my dear Reggie Brown was involved in a fatal road accident.

And so the batten was handed to Rupert to continue the good work of the Agency.

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I have had 2 great loves in my life. First there was Reggie Brown. Reggie and I started the 'Reggie Brown PI Agency' way back. We worked together to build the business, he out in the field chasing leads, me in the office doing office stuff. After Reggie passed I worked with Rupert. What a cool dude, bod to die for, we became an item in time. Rupert is the new CEO of the Agency.

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