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What are RASKIs ?

Variously described as Recycled Teenagers by a perceptive game ranger, as Silver Surfers by the Weberati and as Mom and Dad by our kids; RASKIs enjoy travel, good books, great music, excellent food, loyal pets, very good wine and much more. Occasionally curmudgeonly, we enjoy life and we are fun to be with.

Many of us work part-time because we enjoy it and because we are far too active to consider stopping. And there’s a bonus, it tops up our pensions.

Have a look at the RASKI network of energetic retirees who want to get back into the job market or to extend their time in the job market.

Minorities (such as we pensioners) can support each other or we can risk being marginalised.

  • Pensions have come under increasing pressure from rising prices over the past few years. Recent (March 2017) Government actions have created uncertainty of the future and the value of your pension. Here are a few of the Pension drains –
    • Food,
    • Eskom,
    • Fuel,
    • Insurance,
    • Medical insurance,
    • Poorly performing investments,
    • Inept government,
    • Corruption and cronyism trashing value,
    • I could go on, the list is very long.
  • RASKIs could support other RASKIs who seek part-time employment.
  • uBuntu - We could work together to build an increasingly robust Network of people wishing to get back into the job market after retirement; full-time or part-time.
    • A community is only a community if it chooses to be,
    • RASKIs are a formidable community,
    • RASKIs effect change,
    • RASKIs are involved.
  • Tell your friends about RASKI, share it on Facebook, use Twitter, send out e-mails to your chums about this idea, point them at the web page when you email them – the idea deserves more than a passing glance. Encourage your friends to get involved & to spread the word.
  • Share your ideas with us.
  • Tell us about pensioners’ specials that you know about.


Are there any businesses out there who might be interested in sponsoring the RASKI concept ? Give me a call on 022.492.2009 if you’re interested.

Would you like Your logo and a detailed write-up of your activities to be featured as a permanent ad on RASKI ?

Here are a couple of sponsorship ideas –

  • Investment companies
  • Travel companies
  • Employment bureaus

Please use the Contact Form to let me know if you are interested and if you have ideas for improving the concept.

And the network ? How does this look ? Share your ideas at peter@dorpskoerant.co.za – the RASKI Network.

RASKI’s rock.

From specially adapted tablet PCs to smartphones, a new breed of devices is emerging and it is aimed specifically at the over-65s. It’s a far cry from the usual gadgets aimed at 20- and 30-somethings, and it underlines just how pervasive technology is becoming.

The ranges, from a host of manufacturers, include tablets with stripped-back user interfaces that make it easier for people who are less familiar with digital technology to get online, as well as smartphones that learn the nuances and preferences of the individual, making operation more intuitive.

Recent data from the Office of National Statistics shows that internet use more than tripled for those aged 65 and older between 2006 to 2013, with many turning to the web for banking, shopping, entertainment, healthcare and communications.

Source: Telegraph, UK

Pay a visit to the RASKI Network >>

Here are a few examples of the skills, many were listed on my RASKI website in the KZN Midlands.

List your talents

  • Antiques refurbishment
  • Blog coach
  • Bookkeeper
  • Business coaching
  • Business rescue practitioner
  • Cabinetmaker and shop-fitter
  • Catering
  • Chemical engineer
  • Confectionery
  • Conflict management
  • Design and manage e-mail campaigns
  • Electrical engineer
  • Handyman
  • Housesitting, pet care
  • Human resources
  • Photographer
  • Pilot
  • Project management
  • QA solutions
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Restoring houses
  • Security systems
  • Sport event management
  • Stained glass work
  • Supermarket management
  • Translator

And here are a few more ides -

  • Tour guides
  • Security watch control centre workers
  • Do you enjoy fishing ? How about becoming a fishing guide ?
  • You could help to build the RASKI Network to include more and more skills.
  • Set up and run a RASKI Home Industries shop, selling products made by RASKIs
  • Toy maker
  • Event planner
  • Personal Chef
  • Picture framer
  • Buying collectibles to sell on e-Bay
  • If you are good at finding bargains why not offer a shopping service to others who are less mobile or have time constraints
  • How about starting a Seniors' relocation business to help people who are downsizing and/or moving to retirement complexes.  Empathy.

Let's add ideas to an ideas bank which visitors to the RASKI Network can browse and add to.
We can work together to give this project life or we can sit at home and wait to be spoon-fed.

Join the RASKI Network

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