Introducing Portlyshort Private Investigations Agency

Reggie Brown, dapper and dashing, not to mention daring, founded the firm of Reggie Brown Investigations in 2003. He ran a tight ship with the help of his adoring Private Assistant Beccie who passed the reins to his successor Rupert who runs the operation to this day. Rupert renamed the agency 'Portlyshort Longdog PI Agency' as it adds a certain cachet.

Rebecca editor in chief
Beccie as editor

This report has been meticulously cobbled together from notes kept by Beccie, PA to the CEO, to introduce the Agency to the world. It is an auspicious day.

Reggie always alert
Reggie's eagle eye rarely missed anything

He worked closely with his PA Beccie and as time went by and the work load increased he took on an assistant sleuth, a young whipper snapper called Rupert. Reggie was sometimes guilty of sprinkling his client reports with the occasional cliché. Well why not pad his reports a little; he'd learned the trick from a computer consultant some years back that many corporate clients equated the cost of the investigation to the weight of the report, weird. The firm's name was changed to Portlyshort PI Agency when Reggie passed. To this day a fine portrait of Reggie hangs proudly in the boardroom.

dearest Reggie

As well as PA'ing, Beccie's job includes keeping the records in good shape, making sure the taxes are paid on time and catering for Corporate events.

Brownie and Becky snuggling
Beccie idolised Reggie. Why not indeed, he was built like a Greek god.
Brown and Beccie Sharks
Reggie and Beccie met in KZN. They were both enthusiastic Sharks supporters. Beccie met Patrick Lambie on one occasion and to this day she sighs when he appears in a Sharks jersey.
Reggie and the Independent
Reggie loved nothing more than settling down with 'Himself' to browse the Sunday newspapers. His first choice had been the Independent.

A wise old chap and a very successful P.I., Reggie loved recounting the tales of their adventures with Beccie. She passed the tales of derring do on to Rupert when he arrived, a gauche puppy. He would sit at her side in thrall while she recounted the tales of Reggie's courage. "Oh the adventures" Rupert thought, "one day I will be big and brave like Reggie was".

Our letter head reads - Portlyshort Longdog PI Agency, Discretion guaranteed

Our Company ethic is rock solid, we only employ the very best.

We employ 5 grades of specialist -

  • Super Sleuths - Rupert. CEO, having taken over from founder Reggie Brown.
  • Narrator and Editor -  PA to CEO. Rebecca aka Beccie has been with the Agency from day 1 and has seen all the changes of personnel. Also in charge of catering for corporate events.
  • Sleazy Sleuths - concentrating on marital indiscretions. This is not our core business.
  • Student Sleuths - we are currently looking for a suitable Intern.
  • Bipeds* - 2 legged, as 'advisors'.

* Biped – two legged, typically humanoid. With 4 workable levers it does seem odd to use only 2. They can be knocked off balance with just two legs. On the other hand, with a leg at each corner we are rock solid, perfectly balanced.

We share our home with 2 bipeds.

  • 'Her indoors' is the cook and rustles up her famous, and much loved, Cooking Bear Liver Bread which was known the length and breadth of the KZN Midlands before we decamped to the Cape West Coast. Ah, the Liver Bread, well a busy sleuth can't finish a hectic day without a tasty treat or two.
  • 'Himself' spends most of the day playing with his laptop pretending to be a website publisher. Mind you, his typing skills come in useful for proposals and reports, but we couldn't let him near our clients, he's a bit abrasive and he always seems to be in need of a haircut.

Reggie Brown. Founder of the Agency

Reggie Brown founder
Super Sleuth and Founder of the Longdog P.I. Agency. Reggie moved from Parkhurst in Johannesburg to the KZN Midlands where he lived on a 10 acre small holding, the scene of many adventures. He was CEO at the time of his death.

Rebecca. PA to the CEO and Narrator

Me, your gorgeous narrator. Born in the KZN Midlands. First few weeks in a Puppy Farm. I was rescued by ‘Her Indoors’ and I've never looked back. Like 'himself' I love my food. 2 happy PortlyShorts...

Rupert. Super Sleuth. CEO of the PI Agency

Dachy of note
Born in Mpumalanga. Travelled to Durban & met his favourite Aunt. 'Her Indoors’ took him home to the Small Holding in KZN Midlands.

'Her Indoors' - Biped

Her indoors
Ace cook, she makes a mean Liver Bread, a treat that we live for. Rupert takes her for her daily walks which she enjoys so much.

'Himself' - biped

Growing old gracefully, like me. Plays with his PC, hobbles around (lower back problems like me) and loves his food (portly like me). Normally in need of a haircut.

Kerrie Bosse - biped

Kerrie Bosse
Journo, photographer and marketing exec, Kerrie founded Long Dog, an online shop for those who are dotty about Dachshunds! Very generously Kerrie has allowed us to include the name Longdog in our new Agency title.

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I have had 2 great loves in my life. First there was Reggie Brown. Reggie and I started the 'Reggie Brown PI Agency' way back. We worked together to build the business, he out in the field chasing leads, me in the office doing office stuff. After Reggie passed I worked with Rupert. What a cool dude, bod to die for, we became an item in time. Rupert is the new CEO of the Agency.

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