Capensis newsletter – August

August 2017 newsletter - Capensis meaning ‘’Of the Cape’’. Reg. No. 032-657-NPO

“ If it’s not fun, why do it? ” “Nisi ludibrium, cur agamus?”  

Capensis Chair

Dear Capensis Members

I want to express my thanks for your vote of confidence to elect me as your chairlady. We are looking forward to  a most stimulating and interesting year ahead.

Unfortunately, I have to offer my apologies for my absence at the Capensis meeting on Women’s Day  the 9th of August as I am by participating in a Ladies Bowls Day at Veldrif. This day was arranged  a few moons ago before I knew that I would be elected to join the Capensis committee.

However, I look forward to our next outing to Plankies Baai and hope with you for good rains before that day.

The success of Capensis is totally dependent on the support of its members and while we have 72 paid up members, we need the attendance of our members at our monthly meetings at the Presbyterian church hall. The truth of the matter is that, if we do not have at least 35 members attending, we cannot pay the rental for that hall and have to use some of our “savings” to cover the cost. So, if you can at all attend, please do so. Thank you! Sometimes you may know all about the presentation, but do attend for the social interaction with our fellow members, it is good for the soul. We all share the same fears, joy and apprehensions not to mention our age related medical indisposition!

Last but not least.

This letter is also an open invitation to you, a valued member, to write or contact me if you have new ideas for the committee to consider regarding  guest speakers, interesting outings or any input on how you think your committee could improve our club activities to make it more fun….

Aan ons Afrikaans sprekende lede, waarby ek myself insluit, wil ek net baie dankie se vir jul tegemoetkomendheid om te aanvaar dat ons kommunikasie in Engels is aangesien  die oorgrote meerderheid van ons lede Engelssprekend is.

Kind Regards en Groete van huis tot huis

Rika Mitchell

Capensis Outings

PLANKIES BAAI – Meet at braai site. Bring meat/salads, wood, tables & chairs
TIME - 11h00
COST - R70 (unless you have a Wildcard)

RONDEBERG (Con and Jenny Meyer)

TIME - 11h00
COST - R50 pp


TIME 10h00
COST - R1,270 for period 10h00 to 16h00
   Pam said that if 25 members come @ R40 it will be OK and we can subsidise the balance...

GROOTE POST - Hilda's Restaurant

TIME 12h00 for 12h30
COST - R120.00 per person - we need to have the final figure at least 3 weeks before the date.
OTHER - Free wine tasting

Capensis Birthdays


Cathy la Cock 19th

Andre Boshoff

1st Kay Naude 21st Lorraine Spangenberg
3rd Jennifer Meyer 22nd Annette van Ryneveld
8th Judy Sanan 22th John Fevrier
11th Francesco Pereira 29th Melodie Leyland

Capensis meetings

AUGUST - WEDNESDAY  9th @ 10ho
Capensis member Pietie Pick will reminisce about the old days in the town of Darling and his experiences as a whale hunter in the ocean around Antarctica.

Darling early days

The lucky draw winners for July's meeting were -

Anonymous Donor   - Peter Hall

Eldorado               1st - Con Meyer

                                2nd - Enid Robat

                                3rd -  Louis van Ryneveld

tea roster

Members please note that everyone is expected to be on Tea Duty at some time during the Capensis year.

  • The first person on the list must liaise with the other ladies/gentlemen on their list.
  •  If you are unable to assist in any way, you will be expected to arrange a substitute tea lady/gentleman on the day. 
  • Once you have managed to organize your replacement, please advise your team leader and Tea Convenor Moira Chalmers on the following number: - 083.282.1361 / 022.492.2233.
  • Each person on tea duty is requested to cater for + - 40 people. 
  • More Savoury than sweet would be preferable. i.e. 3 Savoury and 2 Sweet per team. 
  • Enid Robat will be responsible for providing Tea, Coffee, Milk, Sugar, Tablecloths and Serviettes for each meeting. 
  • Tables and chairs to be set out prior to the meeting.


August                 October              
Moira Chalmers - 022 492 2233 Melodie Leyland - 022 451 2613
Anne Marshall - 022 492 3517 Mientjie Lombard - 082 334 7561
Norma Adams - 022 492 3042 Frances Solomon - 082 255 6687
Debbie Els - 022  451 2053 Johan Ingram - 072 388 7214
Kotie Reed - 072 699 5209 Judy Sanan - 083 404 3942
Pam King - 082 523 2552  
Yvonne Thomas - 022 492 2779  
Yvonne Gill - 082 373 6006  
Kay Naude - 084 788 0556  

Annie Duffus - 022 492 3341


Capensis theatre

Here are the details of the Show at Evita’s:
Rock ‘n Roll Legends Tribute
James (Marais) and Monique
At Evita’s Perron
2 September 2017 at 20:00
Cost of tickets: R100
Phone Beryl at 022 492 3930

Capensis Workshops


Capensis workshop


Capensis workshop


Ed also makes the coffee...

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